Welcome to my page!

I am Lenora Sheridan, An old dog teaching new tricks!! I am a 52 yr YOUNG

Our World Shifted and the one to one sales died! NOW WHAT???

I found myself able to reflect what in the world is going on around me as a laid-off salesperson, I knew I needed to invest in myself and stop spending my time investing in another company who really doesn't give 2 nickles of what happens to me! I have gotten to my age without really taken a look at the online resources as a salesperson this should have been easy!

Well, I started with one of those get rich at affiliate marketing then realized I had NO IDEA HOW much I REALLY needed to know.. 

Found this community and WOW I actually found a tribe that the integrity, discipline and personal development that it gives, is the GLUE to any NEW ENDEVER

No this is not for the faint at heart its more than skills. Its a way of life and thinking, Once you master that this is easy and VERY ENJOYABLE!!

I now after a short few months am confident enough to go get a job in my new field as a Digital Marketer. I now have amazing people in my life and that unknown world has opened up to a WHOLE NEW Possibility for me. 

I Would LOVE for you to join US!!



Why haven't you started on your Journey? 


Do you need help with Branding? We have a Branding incubator that helps strategically roll out that amazing Business you have evolved into YOUR VOICE!!

Elite Influence

So now what you were helped in your website but now what? Learning the skills to actually get people to listen is a skill and can be learned. Amazing how a few small changes in your approach can be a huge Level up to your dreams.

Digital Marketing

Learning to navigate through this online space can be scary but with the right training and coaching, you too can evolve in this online space.

It is the community that makes the difference!

Here is a group of people who have shown me the way!!

Don't just take my word for it. See for yourself check out these videos for free!

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Questions??? Please ask, I'm a straight shooter

Give me a Shout if you have any questions what so ever! I am so excited at this stage of my life and I do seriously owe it to this educational platform. Can't wait to share it with as many want to learn, possibly earn but the very least open your eyes to what it can do for you as an Individual with your voice to the WORLD!

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