Welcome to my digital Journey! I am Lenora Sheridan

To go where you never been you need to do what you never have done. You don't have to do it alone or without a Mentor to guide you thru the muddy waters.. You INC starts here with an amazing tribe to guide you through. This is how I got started by the free videos Why I stay?? This community is the exact combination of tough love and hand holding!!


Financial Freedom is 2 parts Mental and 1 part Mechanical.

— Grant Cardone
Men are anxious to improve their circumstances but unwilling to improve themselves, They, therefore, remain bound!
James Allen
   "As a Man Thinketh"

"Not knowing is true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease First realize you are sick: Then you can move toward health"

— Tao Te Ching

"Fools think they are wise but the wise listen to advise"

Proverbs 12:15

The Bible NCV